Stay Alive, Thrive, and Conquer: Top Minecraft PE Survival Servers

14th June 2022

Game Modes

  1. HermitCraft PE:

    Inspired by the popular HermitCraft server, HermitCraft PE offers a survival experience with a vibrant community of players. Engage in cooperative builds, participate in community events, and embark on exciting survival challenges alongside fellow Minecraft enthusiasts.

  2. The Mining Dead:

    The Mining Dead is a Minecraft PE survival server set in a post-apocalyptic zombie-infested world. Test your survival skills as you scavenge for resources, fight off hordes of undead, and explore a sprawling world filled with abandoned structures and hidden treasures.

  3. PrimeGames:

    PrimeGames is a feature-rich Minecraft PE server that offers various game modes, including survival. Immerse yourself in a survival world filled with custom features, quests, achievements, and an active community of players. Collaborate with others or venture out on your own to build, explore, and survive.

  4. CubeCraft Games PE:

    CubeCraft Games PE is a well-established Minecraft PE server known for its diverse range of game modes, including survival. Test your survival skills in a challenging environment, gather resources, and build impressive structures while competing against other players.

  5. Lifeboat:

    Lifeboat is a popular Minecraft PE server that offers survival gameplay along with a variety of other game modes. Explore custom-built maps, engage in survival challenges, and connect with a vibrant community of players.

  6. Cubecraft PE:

    Cubecraft PE is a survival server that provides an immersive and challenging survival experience. Gather resources, build shelters, and survive against hostile creatures while interacting with a friendly and active player base.

  7. Hypixel PE:

    Hypixel PE, an extension of the well-known Hypixel server, offers a range of game modes including survival. Explore a vast world, engage in quests, and collaborate with other players as you test your survival skills and overcome various challenges.

  8. Euphoria PE:

    Euphoria PE is a Minecraft PE server that focuses on survival gameplay with a touch of fantasy. Venture into a custom-generated world, encounter mythical creatures, and embark on epic quests while striving to survive in a rich and immersive survival experience.

  9. Voxelwind:

    Voxelwind is a survival-oriented Minecraft PE server that emphasizes community and player interaction. Join forces with other players, build settlements, and thrive in a cooperative survival environment while exploring custom features and challenges.

  10. MCPE Universe:

    MCPE Universe is a survival server that provides a platform for players to share their creations, engage in survival challenges, and connect with a global community of Minecraft PE enthusiasts. Discover inspiring builds, participate in events, and embark on survival adventures.

  11. Mineplex PE:

    Mineplex PE is a well-known Minecraft server that has expanded its offerings to the PE platform. Engage in survival challenges, collaborate with other players, and experience a variety of mini-games and activities within a thriving community.

  12. BrokenLens:

    BrokenLens is a feature-rich Minecraft PE server with a focus on survival gameplay. Join a dedicated community, participate in challenges, and test your survival skills in various game scenarios while exploring custom-built maps and unique features.

  13. LBSG (Lifeboat Survival Games):

    LBSG, also known as Lifeboat Survival Games, offers fast-paced survival gameplay on Minecraft PE. Compete against other players, scavenge for resources, and survive in a challenging environment where only the strongest prevail.

  14. SkyCade PE:

    SkyCade PE offers a unique survival experience with a focus on skyblock gameplay. Begin on a small floating island, gather resources, and expand your survival empire in the vast sky while interacting with a friendly and supportive community.

  15. Funland PE:

    Funland PE is a Minecraft PE server that combines creative and survival modes. Explore a custom-built amusement park, participate in challenges, and unleash your creativity in a survival setting that offers both excitement and resource management.

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